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Our Department maintains all streets within the City limits of Mountain Home.  In addition, we remove snow, ice and brush to ensure the streets are safe and passable at all times.  As necessary, the Street Department will crack seal streets, patch potholes, do traffic light maintenance, mow right-of-ways, trim grass at curbs and sidewalks, clean culverts and drainage ditches, sweep streets and city parking lots; clean brush and trash from creeks and drainage ditches, landscape and maintain all street and traffic signs.    

Current Projects


Construction began on September 24 to rebuild Arena Drive from Wade Street to South College Street, behind the Baxter County Fairgrounds and the rodeo arena.  New drainage culvert, curb and guttering and sidewalk on the east side of Arena will go in and the project will finish up with new asphalt.  *UPDATE* The drainage culvert, curbs and new sidewalk is in, the street has been dug out and new base put down and it's ready for asphalt.  The crew reinstalled the chain link fence along the Baxter County Fairgrounds property and they have moved on to their next project.   Arena Drive was paved on March 27 and 28 and the parking space striping has been completed.     The total cost to the Arena Drive Rebuild project, completed April 3, 2019 is $257,834.13.  

Another rebuild project that began on October 16 is going well.  Ohio Street along with Iowa and Kerr Street in Northern Hills is undergoing a complete rebuild with new culvert pipe, curb and gutter and sidewalk.  New asphalt will finish this project up.  The crew has completed installation of culvert pipe and curbing these streets, and they are now working on sidewalk installation.   The Maintenance crew has finished digging out all three streets and they are ready for new asphalt.   All three streets have workers and equipment out there still, so please be aware of our guys and equipment while traveling through that end of Northern Hills.  Total cost as of March 29 is $245,580.92.  While this project is finishing up, the construction crew has begun the project of a complete rebuild at Conway Street from Iowa Avenue to Arkansas Avenue.   New drainage culvert, curb and guttering and sidewalk will be put in, and finish up with new asphalt.  Drivers, please be aware of our guys working in this area.  

Construction began on April 16th, to rebuild Dodd Street, which runs between Highway 62 and South Main Street near Bomber Boulevard. New drainage culvert, curbing and guttering, sidewalk and new asphalt will go in.  Please drive carefully while our guys are working at this area.

The rest of the Maintenance crew is currently working on sign maintenance

and have finished up the  extension of a parking lot extension at Keller Park.   The total cost of the parking lot is $46,858.05.  A culvert pipe was installed at Dellwood Lane to alleviate a standing water issue.

The new entrance at the Street Department Shop should be completed by springtime.  The entrance gate has been installed as of January 7  and is being used.  When the weather warms up, new asphalt will be placed.  This new entrance is located approximately 200 feet south of the current entrance/exit. Total cost as of January 31 is $67,1788.59.

The crew that finished the Arena Drive rebuild has moved over to the East 1st Street bridge to remove the retaining wall that was leaning.  The wall has been poured and after it's cured, it will be backfilled and the creek returned to its original condition.  Please be aware of the equipment and guys while driving 1st Street. 

City Ordinance Reminders


Ordinance Number 93-021, Section 1 of the City of Mountain Home Code states residents of the City of Mountain Home are prohibited from depositing or placing leaves, grass, debris or any other article on the city's streets or on drainage right-of-ways.  Residents are prohibited from burning leaves, grass, debris or any other article on the city's streets or in ditches which are a part of the city's drainage system.  


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